Rachel V. Knox

Historical and Fantasy Writer

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Welcome to the website for the writer, Rachel V. Knox.

My main interests as a reader and a writer are historical and fantasy novels. I am currently working on a fantasy novel, which I aim to publish in 2019 under my fantasy pen name Victoria Knox.

Most recent release – Historical novel: House Under the Hill, was published on 15th June 2018. Available on Amazon, see link below.

HUTHvsmallpicOn my blog page, you can find out more about Gwylfa Hiraethog, the house on the North Wales Hiraethog moors which is the subject of my latest novel. The first two chapters are also available to read.

I began writing stories at the age of eight and decided then that I would like to get a book published by the age of twelve. That didn’t happen of course! I did get a book published much later in 2006 by Honno. Girl on the Edge. 

Outside of writing, I enjoy cycling, nature watching, hiking, reading and playing games. I live in Scotland, but spent most of my life in Wales.

The latest blog post is about how playing games can be complimentary to fantasy writing.

Comments welcome. Thanks for visiting.

Read the first few chapters of ‘House Under the Hill’ here – Amazon link